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Partner FAQs

Honeymoon Wishes is the number one provider of private label honeymoon registries for travel agents and wedding professionals. We eliminate the need for labor-intensive, in-house development by offering you and your clients easy to use, state-of-the-art online registries. Our services help you sell better packages and earn commission on wedding gifts. You’ll also benefit from marketing exposure to the friends and families on your clients’ guest lists, which can lead to referrals.

To become a partner of Honeymoon Wishes, there is a one-time fee of just $199. No additional membership costs or hidden fees. Ever.

On average, couples receive $2500.00 in gift money. As a partner, couples have the option of sending gift funds directly to your property. With free, unlimited transfers, this convenience helps guarantee on-property spend and makes it easy for you to collect money. Unlike traditional wedding registries, you can also earn commission on gifts purchased through your private or white label honeymoon registry. Calculate the ROI

We receive a commission for gift cards sold or charge a small service and handling fee that goes towards providing a free, full-service registry for your clients. Specifically, it allows us to offer an ad-free experience, wedding website and other social tools, while maintaining the highest level of security, encryption, and insurance.

Certain Private Label partners receive a commission based on the service and handling fees charged.

No, we’re not travel providers or agents. It’s up to each couple to book. However, if you’re a travel provider, we connect couples to you so they can book direct. If you’re a travel agent, we recommend asking your clients about their preferences.

No, it's free for couples to sign-up.

We don't build individual websites but can refer excellent companies that offer everything from development to hosting.

A private label website allows you to brand a registry with your name and logo as well as provide a domain for a small, one-time fee. This level of personalization will impress your clients and increase brand recognition when they share it with their friends and family. Built-in social media tools and SEO optimization also will drive traffic to your site and attract future clients.

You can also customize online announcement cards for couples to place in their own invitations and direct their guests to your website. If you are with a host agency, please check to see if this feature is already available on your current website.

A white label website allows you to leverage our free state-of-the-art registry under your own brand. This is an attractive offering for couples looking to book a honeymoon at your venue and can lead to new bookings from friends and family who see your property featured on couples’ registries.

You can also create unique honeymoon experiences centered around your property and location to make your hotel, resort or cruise line even more inciting and encourage spend.

20% of the service and handling fees goes towards your commission. We’ll send you a check within 30 days after the couple's registry closes, which is typically 90 days after their honeymoon, after you have accumulated $50 in commission.

No, you’re responsible for the booking, which means your clients will pay you your normal booking fees.

Once a gift is purchased, we’ll send you and your clients an email notification. You’ll receive another email shortly thereafter, containing a link to view the full registry. Your clients can view their gifts at any time by logging into their account.

Using our registry, your clients will not receive any unwanted gifts and will be able to pre-plan their activities. Studies also show that people using their credit cards give 34% more than if they were paying with cash. Our average gift given is currently $89.00.

Couples can call or email the registry office to request fund transfers. They can choose to receive a gift card, check in the mail, or directly transfer the funds to their checking or savings account using a secure ACH bank transfer.

We cover destinations around the world. If you don’t see your destination featured, let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate!

Once a couple registers, we can send out a designated link within 24 hours.

We offer live customer support via email, or you can reach us by phone at (800) 801-3493, Monday - Friday 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM PST.

Yes, we have flyers, letters, emails, buttons and more. View Now

Yes! Your clients can visit and for their next anniversary, birthday, graduation or special reason to travel.

We’ve developed the software and tools you need to focus on helping your clients plan the honeymoon or trip of their dreams.

  • Promote - Feature Honeymoons & Weddings on your home page with a visible Honeymoon Bridal Registry button.
  • Share - Make sure your clients have wedding and shower announcement cards to direct guests to the registry.
  • Profit - Review your clients' registries to see if there’s anything else you can book for them to earn extra commission.

We are constantly working on the website to make sure we meet the standards for ADA accessibility. For more information please see our ADA policy here.