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Sri Lanka

Itinerary Inspiration

Sri Lanka is an island south of India famous for its ancient Buddhist ruins and diverse landscape of rainforests and sandy beaches. Here you can experience things you've always dreamed of doing. Take a jungle trek and ride on the back of an elephant. Snorkel and scuba dive into the underwater world of the Indian Ocean. From tea plantations to temples to archeological sites, there's plenty of ancient wonders to discover on your Sri Lankan honeymoon.

Things You Should Know

Time Zone: UTC +5:30 hours
Official Language: Sinhala and Tamil
Other Language: English is widely spoken
Currency: Sri Lankan Rupee
Entry Requirements: Valid passport, an approval notice from Sri Lanka's new Electronic Travel Authorization, return ticket home and proof of sufficient funds
Best Times to Visit: December to March

Sri Lanka Honeymoons

With dramatic scenery, soft sand beaches and rich cultural charm, Sri Lanka is a paradise of outdoor adventures. When you're not exploring every stretch of the island, spend your time relaxing with romantic candlelight dinners and spa treatments. Once you're there, you'll understand why Sri Lanka is becoming a popular honeymoon destination.

Destination Weddings in Sri Lanka

With its beautiful white sand beaches and lush green valleys, Sri Lanka is a romantic place for you to say, "I do." The resorts in Sri Lanka offer many wedding packages. Their wedding coordinators and professional wedding planners will help make your special day the best one yet.

Climate & Weather

With warm tropical breezes by day and romantic starlit nights, Sri Lanka is the perfect place to escape. The average temperature is 80° F and the average water temperature is 84° F.