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Itinerary Inspiration

From the breathtaking splendor of the French Alps to the worldly beauty of Paris, France is an incredibly romantic country. Visit the City of Lights and checkout some of Paris' most famous landmarks: the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum and Arc de Triomphe. Bike through the vineyards and sample the wines in Bordeaux. Go to Mont Saint-Michel and see the "Pyramid of the Seas." Explore the hilltop villages in Provence or go sailing in Saint-Tropez. The list of things to do, see and taste go on and on.

Things You Should Know

Time Zone: UTC +1 hour
Official Language: French
Other Languages: English (common in tourism fields)
Currency: Euro
Entry Requirements: Valid passport
Best Times to Visit: Summer

France Honeymoons

For centuries, France has been known to the world as the home of lovers. Imagine spending the night in an ancient castle where French royalty once lived. Wander through the charming streets of Chartres the next. Plant temporary roots in one spot or stay in multiple cities with beautiful honeymoon suites. Whatever you dream up, celebrate in a land where history and intrigue await around every cobbled corner.

Destination Weddings in France

Whether it's tying the knot within the sight of the Eiffel Tower or saying "I do" in the shadow of the Notre Dame Cathedral, France will make the wedding of your dreams come true. From high-fashion chic to 50s Bohemian, there's a venue to match your wedding theme. Destination wedding packages can take the stress off your shoulders and allow you the luxury of enjoying your perfect day with no worries whatsoever.

Climate & Weather

Overall, France experiences temperate, rather agreeable weather. There are three types of climate: oceanic in the western parts, continental in eastern and central France and Mediterranean in the south of France. Oceanic climate is characterized by small temperature changes, ample rainfall, cool summers and cool winters. Expect warmer summers and snowy winters in the continental areas. Find cool winters, hot summers and limited rainfall in the Mediterranean region.